United States in Early 2020

The Long Journey

My wife and I planned a driving trip for early 2020, not knowing what was coming. Since we are retired, we had plenty of time, so the plan was to spend a few weeks driving across the US, from North Carolina to Los Angeles California. We would visit a few sites along the way and stop at some friends and family just to break up the 5,000 mile (8,000 km) trip. At the last minute, my wife found a great deal online, and so she said, “Hey, as long as we will be in Los Angeles anyway, why don’t we jump in a plane and fly to Japan for a couple of weeks!” The deal was just too good to pass up, so that’s what we decided to do. This post will be about our driving across the US part of the trip. My post on Japan in Early 2020 will cover that part of the trip.

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